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Honestly I'm more concerned that he's puking before every game and making that seem like a good thing. That's horrible for your teeth and esophagus.
man had to pay out my *** for implants... had gullstones when i was 26 and never liked going to doctor... woke up one morning at the start of this with heart attack like pain.... gave it 2 hours to subside while i felt like i was dying..... finally ran up stairs and vomitted and within seconds felt brand new....

over the next 6 months to a year everytime i had this pain i forced myself to vomit which was sometimes twice a day.... i finally had to go to the hospital because my eyes and skin started turning yellow.... i had stones in my bile ducts etc.... billyrubin or whatever was either 23000 or 2300... cant remember which... was in icu for like 5 days.... teeth got ****ed hardcore... fixed now because of daily dentist visits/cleanings/implants.... but i have spent thousands just because of the acid from the vomit