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    Ron Rivera and the new staff- what are your thoughts?

    I am sure we are all aware of the changes made with the Redskins. Allen out, Eric Schaeffer out, Hess out, and in comes Ron Rivera with most of his coaches from the Panthers this past season including Scott Turner (Norval's son) and Jack Del Rio as coordinators. There were also some promotions and shuffling in the front office, as well as change within the strength and conditioning staff.

    What are your thoughts and expectations for 2020 and the future under Ron Rivera?

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    I was pleasantly surprised by almost all the moves we've made so far this offseason... but the Scott Turner hire just about took all the wind out of my sails.

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    a solid 5 win team for the foreseeable future


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    The way I look at it is, it really can't be any worse. The team needed a facelift and I think Rivera can do that. By all accounts he is a "players coach" and preaches accountability, something that has not been a priority in Washington. What gave me the most pause is basically they gave Rivera the keys to the franchise with ultimate power (outside of Dan that is.) Though this signals a change in the way the franchise will be run, it also causes concern because Ron didn't have to run the managerial side of football operations in Carolina. He was a solid HC, which is great we definitely need that. But now I wonder if this will be too much for him. He will have to be way more involved, at least it seems, in the day to day operations of the team rather than coaching the players. I know they have a defacto GM, but really it is Ron. I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt before making a judgement for sure. He will have a huge test in Washington. Getting Trent back or trading him....keeping the #2 or trading back for a haul...spending wisely in FA...some big tests for Ron coming up soon.

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