Now that we have pretty much wrapped up last place and are just hoping for the balls to fall right for us, I thought it might be time to talk the draft. Here is my:

Way too early Red Wings Mock Draft:

1 (R1)- Alexis Lafreniere, LW (or after pick 1- Tim Stutzle, C)

32 (R2)- Shakir Mukhamadullin, LHD or William Wallinder, LHD

61 (R2- Capitals)- Daniel Torgersson, LW or Jack Quinn, RW

63 (R3)- Tyson Foerster, C or Alexander Nikishin, LHD

68 (R3-SJ)- Dimitri Ovchinnikov, LW or Leo Loof, LHD

Round 4- Hugo Ollas, G

Thatís all I got at this time. I haven't really had a chance to look into the bottom half of the draft yet but that will be coming down the line.