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    Should the Kings trade Bogdan?

    He'll be an RFA this season and the latest reports are the Kings are comfortable with this. My fear is that a team gives him a giant offer that the Kings won't want to match. Which means he would leave for absolute nothing.

    Should the Kings look to acquire some assets knowing that there is a risk that they won't sign him? A good alternative is to trade Buddy this offseason and sign Bogdan to be the starting SG.

    It's a complicated situation.

    Fire Luke Walton

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    1. No one will give Bogdan hudge amount of money. For some reason I do not see it.
    2. Trading Buddy after giving him a new contract, it is a bad practice.
    3. Hire high level development crew to save Bagley and our future top 10 pick.

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    I wouldn’t shop Bogi, but if we got the right offer I could see him being moved. I really like him, but it would really hurt the wakings if he walked for nothing.

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    i wouldnt trade him unless we recieved a offer we cant refuse

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