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    Quote Originally Posted by McAllen Tx View Post
    Lol you really getting into your feelings. FOS? Haha...

    And i don't know what you're talking about with Kobe averaging 50.

    One last thing, why you bringing G1 into this? You calling for your daddy to come save you?
    Zero substance post

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    Quote Originally Posted by deadman8586 View Post
    Memphis won't do it give it up already.
    Memphis has 17 days to decide Iggy’s fate

    Those morons have had since July (over 6 months) to deal him.

    Crap franchise that lucked out with Ja Morant.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IKnowHoops View Post
    Zero substance post
    You shouldn't be surprised, the same way the Lakers have historically played "down" to the level of their competition, us Lakers fans post "down" to the level of our competition.

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