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    Make or Break Year for the following player, IMO

    Here are six position players that will need to put up this year.

    Jacoby Jones (27)- Can he hit at least .240/15 HRS/15 SB with an OB% of .300 or more? Can he stay healthy for a full season doing it? I know his defense is a huge plus but really Reyes has an overall higher fielding percentage (.993 to .988) than Jacoby. Both are above average in that regard but Reyes is two years younger and is hitting better. Jones will need to claim the CF slot and hit to be more than a defensive replacement in this league.

    Christian Stewart (26)- Can he hit (.260/20 HR/80+ RBI) enough to overcome his horrible defense? He will need to increase the HR output this year as well as his SO to BB ratio. He was also out of the lineup a lot last year so he will need to stay healthy. Improved defense or hitting to even out his defense will have to take place this year or he will be a pinch hitter/DH type in the future.

    Nico Goodrum (27)- Yea he was the best player we had last yearÖ.so what he still wasnít more than an above average utility man at best. Is he a true starter at one position? Can he hold his own with the bat to hold down a spot? Are we just asking too much for him to play SS? His fielding percentage is a lowly .948 at SS and he strikes out a lot. Harold Castro, who is also on this list, had 29 games at short and didnít make an error. Would he be the better selection? Nico needs to prove he can stick at one spot but better yet, hit better and strike out less or he will always be JUST a utility guy.

    Jeimer Candelario (26)- hitting, hitting, and hitting. Can he produce enough with the bat to be an everyday 3B or 1B MLB player? He is almost too patient with the bat. Yes, he gets BB but he also strikes out a lot while waiting to get the BB. Does he have enough power to be a corner infielder? His play at 3B isnít great (.966) and player like Lugo (.976) and others coming up soon are playing much better at 3B so he will have to out hit them to stay at 3B. Increase the bat or he will be back in the minors again.

    Dawel Lugo (25)- hasnít ever really been a consistent hitter so can he do it now in the MLB? As pointed out above, he is a pretty good fielding third baseman. Can he hit enough to stay there? He will need to increase all areas from power to lower strike outs. His on base percentage is really bad. He may see himself back in the minors or as a utility guy if he canít hit.

    Harold Castro (26)- he really should have been brought up sooner than last year. He does hit but his OB% has always lacked. I thought he claimed the 2B job with his performance last year but now he is going to be the utility guy unless he can claim the 3B job or SS job. He could even sneak in and take the CF job but can he hit enough to keep it? He will need to improve on his OB% the most to be able to stay in the MLB. Iíve always liked this guy so Iím rooting for him.

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    Need a couple of them to step up so we can offload them at the trade deadline.

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