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    WWE gaining factions, Seth's disciples, King Corbin's court

    What do you guys think of the factions.

    Seth Rollins's disciples:

    Buddy Murphy

    King Corbins Court:


    TUE, New Day, The Bloodline, womens horsewomen, forgotten sons, lots of factions in WWE now.
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    Wrestling is always better with factions. Seth Rollins faction has all the makings of becoming a great faction...

    Rollins - Former world-champion / main eventer / manager
    AOP - The muscle / Tag Team
    Murphy - Up and comer / midcard guy

    I would add Shelton Benjamin as another vet mid card guy and add Flair just to have a woman going.
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    Imo wrestling had some of the best stuff back when WCW was still good and had lots of faction feuds.

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    I've always loved factions. DX, 4H, n.W.o, Evolution, they make wrestling better.

    Women's 4H is not a faction, at least not officially. Behind the scenes, sure, but on screen they are nowhere close to being a faction. So they are not a faction. With Woods out, New Day is more of a tag team instead of a faction. I could see New Day/Blood line teaming up to take on Corbin's group.

    Right now there are two factions on the main roster the WWE should focus on primarily, Seth's group and Baron Corbin's group.

    Seth's Group: is cool looking together and they have intriguing potential. I would also have Heyman eventually turn on Brock (x fingers because Heyman needs something new to do, instead of staying with something stale) and join Seth's as a corrupt GM type role. Adding another mouthpiece like Heyman would do wonders for AoP. Heyman's inclusion could give this faction a Dangerous Alliance feel to it.

    Corbin King gimmick sucks, plain and simple. I've always hated when performers do the "king" gimmick after winning the KotR tournament. Corbin/Roode/Ziggler/The Revival looks good together but what do they all have in common? Cocky/showboating type attitudes of being supreme athlete/wrestler. These five guys together makes me think of "The Varsity Club."
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