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    Who do you want to see enter last in the 2020 Royal Rumble?

    Since I only show up a couple Times a yr Lesnar is entering #1 😴 who do you want to see enter last? Or better yet who do you think will? My guess and it's a very very tiny guess CM Punk makes his long awaited return. Let's see your guesses.

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    Cody Rhodes

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    I know this thread is about who should enter last, but I want to do a diatribe first:

    So it looks like Dio is pushing hard to be the #2. My personal pick for that spot would be Heath Slater. I would love some follow up on the "I don't give a **** about your kids" promo. Heath is a good guy and would make it entertaining. A returning Big Show would also be an interesting spot. Those two are good friends and I think would be a fantastic way to start the whole thing off.

    Now that's out of the way, the 30 spot should be someone the fans would love to see or would absolutely hate to see. There should be no in between. CM Punk would be an interesting choice but I don't see it happening (happy to be wrong). Putting someone like Daniel Bryan in that spot wouldn't be a bad idea. Ideally in that scenario, Roman has entered around 25 or so and they would have a face off. I'm always a fan of throwing Corbin in the fans' faces too.
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