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    I watched the Tuszka highlights - he looks great. He should get home many times this year.
    And I watched Bellamy highlights - great cuts, vision, and acceleration.

    Even though we still have question marks at LT & RT (fingers crossed), this was a great draft to me. That is 3 drafts in a row that Elway has nailed.

    When he first came on board, I was 'in Elway I trust'.
    After many mediocre drafts (and taking away my season tickets), I was very negative on Elway. I would have been fine if the Broncos moved on from him.

    Now, after three, what appears to me, really good drafts, I am back on the 'in Elway I trust' train.
    This looks like this is going to be a really fun year!

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    Some folks have been complaining about the Denver #Broncos' utilzing multiple resources on prospects that play the same position in the #NFLDraft.

    However, a closer look reveals an interesting strategy on how Elway and the Broncos' matched year-one instant-impact players such as Jerry Jeudy and Lloyd Cushenberry III to go with explosive boom prospects such as KJ Hamler and Natane Muti, choosing to 'Double Down' on these positions and ares on the roster.

    It's a unique strategy that quite frankly I love. When you had as many picks as Denver had and playing with some house money, it's one way to play the draft game and stack the deck in your favor.

    Well done, Elway.

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    The more time goes by the more excited i am about this offense. Our 11 personnel is going to be legit with Jeudy and Hamler coming in, but I'm more excited about what our 2 TE sets will look like in a year or two once Albert O develops his game a little. Sutton, Jeudy, Fant and AO with any running back... you could run a no huddle and completely screw a defense because both TE's have the ability to line up in the slot. The playbook would still be wide open with formations and the defense will have to pick a poison for what kind personnel they choose to leave on the field.. too many DB's, pound the rock with 7 on the LOS, too many LB's, get in a 4 wide set. Fant and AO can be a nightmare the way Gronk and Hernendez were in NE for those couple of years.

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    I think it'll take Albert O at least 2 years before we start seeing consistent production. The kid is pretty raw in everything aside from running up the seam and catching jump balls. His blocking needs all kinds of work and his route running is basically non-existent. Tack along that his game speed doesn't correlate with his combine would be best if we approach him as a project.

    With that being said camaraderie can't be undervalued. Albert O may only have a single role this year with Lock as a RZ specialist....but it wouldn't surprise me if he's wildly successful in being that opportunistic/vulture type player...just because he and Lock have that rapport.

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    Just read on MHH that Drew Lock kept the draft selection card that the Broncos turned in to draft him and he looks at it every day to use as motivation because he slid to the second round.

    Just another example that this guy gets it, and it's super refreshing having a young QB with the right mindset.

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    It's really hard to dislike and/or not believe in Lock. His charisma is too darn infectious and what he can bring is enticing.

    We'll most certainly enter Lock's first full season with unreasonably high expectations for Lock.Got a new OC (again)..this off-season is about as uncommon as it has ever been and will most certainly affect the younger/inexperienced offenses once they play...

    but he's just got that moxy to make us (and his teammates) believe.

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    Few things..

    Did not pick up Bolles 5th year option. Personally, while the market indicates it would be a wise idea to keep Bolles for another year at that 11 mil price, I think the broncos are just fed up with him. When Elway comes out and says "everyone is frustrated with Bolles".....that's basically writing on the wall. Rumor has it...the kid doesn't want to listen to his coaches...almost every O-line expert/talking head has some form of disdain for him.

    It's a character thing honestly. I believe Stink was quoted saying "if anyone else on the o-line played as bad as him...they'd be benched....he gets held to a different standard."

    We have Munchak now. The man can grind a no-name OT out of nowhere...and there are options in FA for next year for a stop gap. It is what it is though.

    The broncos evidently wanted to trade up for Matt Hennesey....they didn't want Cusenberry. Which is very odd in all aspects. They are both different types of centers....but why did we (and just the league in general) not rate Cusenberry that high? I understand scheme and fit are prioritized in every team....but did Hennesey have that much more value over Cusenberry that would be compel Denver to give up more draft capital?? (thus no agim/Albert O/Strnad etc)

    Elway has some luck on his side with some of his hits. Lets recall that he wanted Jared Allen...but we moved to DeMarcus ware. Wanted DRC back...but got Aqib Talib. Now, we'll get to see if that fortune strikes again....wanted D.J Jurrell Casey....wanted Hennesey..but got Cusenberry.

    My money says we'll hit gold on that again.

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    Jun 2020
    Сool team. I have been rooting for them since 10 years

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