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Holy ****...Shelby Harris really resigned with us for 3.25 max mil deal.

Like...what the ****?? That's a big time assurance move. Shelby may not be a pro bowl caliber player....but teamed up with another talent like Casey/Dre'mont's development...+ the edge duo of Von/Chubb....he could be poised for a massive season.

Ultimately, there was nobody who misplayed his market more than him....but we nabbed him back.
I am excited that he's back but I feel really bad for him. Benjamin Albright said in his radio show a few nights ago that Harris has a sizable contract offer from the Colts. The framework was there and they were just working on the details. Harris and his agent were so confident that he was going to sign with the Colts, that they turned every other offer they had down (Multiple offers according to Albright). Then the Colts traded for Buckner and pulled their other for Harris. So he didn't really have anywhere to go after that.

He got royally ****ed and hopefully he uses this as motivation to be a beast this year.