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    Sorry bleu, but this has been bothering me and I cannot let it go...

    Are you legitimately saying beane and co have done a bad job because they found a diamond in the ruff but only signed him to a 1 year deal?

    Is that seriously the thing you have to say about this team right now?

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    Here are McShay's top WR's in order. All are currently projected as first round picks.

    Jerry Jeudy (3)
    CeeDee Lamb (9)
    Henry Ruggs (15)
    Justin Jefferson (19)
    Tee Higgins (20)
    Laviska Shenault (24)
    Brandon Aiyuk (29)

    Kiper (hasn't been updated since Dec. and only includes top 25):

    Jeudy (4)
    Lamb (11)
    Shenault (12)
    Ruggs (13)
    Higgins (19)
    DeVonta Smith (23)

    These guys seem to be the consensus top WRs across all sites. I love Higgins and Shenault for where the Bills pick and they are likely to be there as of now.

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