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Thread: Moving Foward

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    A good run game and solid defense never goes out of style. That said, I don't expect a lot from this season. This is not a full on rebuild but a step back year for development, restocking and restructuring their cap situation.

    I do expect they'll be competitive, could even make the playoffs. Mostly hinges on how well Stidham plays.

    I agree with HPF - Keep this OL together and build the trenches. I like our DL group with Guy, Allen, Butler, Cowert, Wise, Wino and Simon. Nobody jumps off the page but they are solid.

    Our secondary is still elite. I think we have the top CB in the league and the best depth behind him. Safety is elite as well with McCourty, Chung returning and the additions of Phillips and Cody Davis.

    Hopefully Michel can return to form. I'd like to see what Harris can bring this year. I think Burkhead will be a cap casualty, he's just too injury prone and not worth the near $5m he costs. I wouldn't be surprised if we carry 2 FB's this year. I expect with a young QB they're going to try and pound the rock old school style.

    Our weaknesses are big...WR, TE and LB. These positions really aren't great. I expect they'll target these areas in the draft.

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    Here's how I see the roster entering the draft and the holes needed to fill.

    QB - 3 - Stidham, Hoyer, Kessler - I think we'll draft a developmental guy for the PS late.
    RB - 4 - Michel, White, Harris, Bolden - We'll likely draft a guy late, look for Burkhead to be cut after preseason
    FB - 2 - Devlin, Vitale - I think we'll carry 2 FB's. Ground and pound baby
    WR - 6 - Edelman, Sanu, Harry, Byrd, Gunner, Meyers - This is actually a decent group for this year
    TE - 1 - Izzo/LaCosse - I actually liked what Izzo brought more than LaCosse last year. I think we draft TE high
    OT - 2 - Wynn, Cannon - They'll look to draft a guy high here. Codjust and Cunningham haven't shown anything
    OG - 2 - Mason, Thuney - Same as OT here
    OC - 1 - Andrews - Bill usually finds his C on the undrafted scrap heap, I expect more of the same.

    DT - 4 - Guy, Allen, Butler, Cowert - Solid group
    Edge - 4 - Wise, Wino, Simon, Calhoun - We should add to this group
    LB - 2 - Hightower, Bentley - These guys are good, need depth here
    CB - 5 - Gilmore, McCourty, Jones, Jackson, Williams - We're good here
    S - 5 - McCourty, Chung, Phillips, Davis, Brooks - We're good here

    K - Need to find the next great one
    P - Bailey - Good
    LS - Cardona - Good

    ST - 3 - Slater, Bethel, King

    That's 47 roster spots I'm comfortable with...Leaving 6 up for grabs.
    TE (1)
    OT (1)
    OG (1)
    Edge (1)
    ILB (1)
    K (1)

    We have 12 picks. BB has plenty of ammo to target the guys he wants. I think #23 is going to be traded back to round 2 unless there's a stud TE or a top QB drops unexpectedly.

    I expect an outcome something like this though

    Round 1
    #23 traded for a 2nd and a 3rd

    Round 2
    2nd traded for 2020 first round pick
    2nd - TE (2 3rds traded to move up)

    Round 3
    3rd - Edge/LB
    3rd - OL

    Round 4
    4th - OL
    4th - LB

    Round 5
    5th rounders traded into 2020 4ths

    Round 6
    6th - K (7th traded to move up)
    6th - QB (7th traded to move up)
    6th traded into 2020 5ths
    6th traded into 7th

    Round 7
    7th - WR

    City of Champions

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fla.SticKy View Post
    Good post.......What would you do with pick 23, use it or trade back? If we do use it, what direction do you think we go? I donít see Bill going WR again in the first rnd, I think heíd trade for an established one before that. Although I wouldnít mind Ruggs or Higgins if they were there (Jeudy & Lamb will be gone), I think the best bet is to go with a LB, DL or an edge rusher. Some guys that could be interesting are Kinlaw, Chaisson, Queen, Gross-Matos and Kenneth Murray. But knowing Bill, names weíre more likely to hear are Delpit or McKinney.

    Iím good with rolling with Stidham and I think Hoyer & Kessler will put the pressure on in camp and he will earn the role.... I got a feeling Stiddy is gonna be alright.

    Thereís talks of us possibly moving Gilmore, which I really donít like but I donít put anything past Bill. I agree with you on extending him and getting a deal done with Thuney now though.
    Honestly, Iím not one for picking a position to draft. And I havenít researched enough to say who would be best at #23. But hereís my assessment of need at each position:

    QB - If you think thereís a stud on the board then by all means take a QB. That goes for #23 or any other draft slot. Especially with a weird offseason schedule though, Iím in favor of rolling with Stidham like I said. If heís good we have a cheap solution at QB. If he flops, weíre likely in better position to land a QB next year. My expectation going in would just be a later round pick to compete with Kessler.

    RB - Honestly I donít think thereís any real level of ďneedĒ here. But letís be honest in our assessment of what we have... Michel looked great as a rookie but sucked last year. The line got worse and we didnít have a real FB. Those should look be better this year but we also lost our QB so defenses probably wonít respect the pass as much. Rex Burkhead is solid but always hurt and could be a casualty. White is a solid receiving back but how much of his value is tied to Bradyís conservative playing style and use of backs in the passing game? Heís also a FA after the year. Damian Harris barely played as a rookie though does seemingly have some potential. Bolden is a STer only save for some bit playing time. If at any point they see a guy they think is an absolute monster it could be worth a pick. But itís far from our biggest need.

    FB - We have Johnson coming back and signed Vitale. I heard from a friend of a friend who went to school and is close with Develin that the neck wonít check out and heís done. Take that for what itís worth. I could see Vitale factoring in more as an H back and 3rd TE of sorts than a FB which leaves room for 2. If Develin really is done then a late round pick could make sense depending on what they think of Johnson.

    WR - This is a tough spot to project. Thereís definitely a need for better play on paper but is it necessarily a need to add someone? Could that improvement come internally. We have Edelman to be our leader and set an example. Sanu was a big disappointment last year but in fairness he got traded to a new system and then never got to practice because not only was he hurt but the QB missed time as well. I expect improvement. But, heís set to make $6.5M and can be cut/traded with no dead money. With us so cap-strapped could he be a casualty? Or maybe they can try to buy low on an extension if theyíre confident, but then again he is an older player. Sanu is a guy to watch IMO. The new guy Byrd, between his semi-decent NFL production last year and return history, seems like a good guy to have as a #4/#5 for STs and a few set plays to use his speed. Then you have the young guys - Harry, Meyers and Gunner. Harry showed some flashes and hopefully makes a year two leap. Same for Meyers. Gunner to me is more of a camp/practice squad guy. I just donít see the upside here.

    With this being such a great receiver class it seems likely weíll draft one. A deep class just creates a situation where eventually the value is too great not to take one. But Iím not sure I see it as a high round pick like some do. Ultimately it depends on whoís available. I do find it very interesting how drafting someone high (as in round 1-4) affects the depth chart and roster mix though. I wouldnít be surprised if we made the type of trade we normally make where itís a later pick + player for an earlier pick... except this time on the opposite side of it where weíre using Sanu to move up and clear cap.

    TE - This to me is still the absolute biggest ďneedĒ on the roster. Every other spot you can either convince yourself into rolling with what we have depending on moves elsewhere or view it as a long term need rather than immediate. Thereís just no argument to be made that weíre good enough here. As mentioned earlier, I could see us only going with 2 guys here and using Vitale as an H back type. And then maybe you use an OL as your blocking TE. So that means you probably just need to replace one of Izzo/Lacosse and the other can be a seldom used backup. But this is a major priority for sure. Hopefully they can land at lease a decent player in round 1-4. Even if itís a guy you like more as a backup long term but itís still better than what we have.

    OT: Wynn has potential to be a long term answer at LT if he stays healthy. But thatís the ďIFĒ. Cannon is still solid at RT but itís probably unrealistic to expect him to be back next year at his age. A long term answer is needed. Ideally that would be Cajuste but after being drafted in the 3rd round he missed all year with injury. That makes it tough to evaluate. We also have Corey Cunningham but he didnít seem to impress after being acquired last year. So I look for a pick to be used here even if late. We still need a long term starter at RT and then a backup to both sides. Even if Cajuste pans out you still need one more long term guy.

    OG/C - Thuney is going to need to be extended or traded. We canít support his cap number on the tag. If he stays, we have a great player locked up long term. If not, we have cap space and another high round pick. I prefer the former. Mason seemed to be hurt last year so hopefully he comes back strong at RG. Andrews back a C should help a lot. Behind them we have Jermaine Eluemunor and Hjalte Frohldt. Despite us being so cap strapped, we tendered EEluemunor at $2.5M. Seems to be some level of endorsement. We took Froholdt in the 4th last year but he missed the year injured. Hopefully between those investments we have enough depth behind our great starters. If Thuney is traded then this jumps to a need but we get cap/pick(s) to address it. The question is who backs up Andrews at C. Andrews is a FA after the year and returning from injury so I could see a high pick at that spot if the right guy is there.

    Just offense for now, Iíll write up on defense later.

    NE Patriots Forum HOF (Class of 2011)

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