Has Strome been an upgrade over Spooner? Absolutely. Last season he was average at bed. This season, he still commits the dumbest penalties but I'm sorry this is all dress because Strome plays on the top line thanks to Mika's injury. He's promoted to the 2nd line Center. What's upsetting is, Kakko or Chytil won't have the same opportunity. They've been demoted to 3rd line.

Jesper Fast's numbers haven't fluctuated much because he sucks. That guy always put up Jimmy Vesey numbers. He's a luxury item on the penalty kill. That's about it.

Rangers need to stop being so precious. They've won 2 games against the horrific Wings but despite being 4 games over .500 that classifies as 10 pts away from the next closet team and 12 pts from the 8th seed.

They're going nowhere. They BETTER start loading not just "good" players but Panarin calibur players in order to get within playoffs.