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    Quote Originally Posted by BDawk4Prez View Post
    I think crying poor on offense isn't very disingenuous.

    Of the leagues #1 WR's this season, Edelman is in the upper half. Sanu is a solid #2. Dorsett would be a solid #3 if Brady could throw the ball downfield. Harry is a solid WR in the making and fits that 2.5 mold as a rookie. Not to mention the failed experiments of Brown and Gordon. Michel/White/Burkhead are certainly in the upper half of RBBC in the league. The most glaring need was TE, even then, Watson can still move the chains and LaCosse is a not-so-bad back-up.
    I said earlier in the thread that I was ok bringing back the same WR group so I don't even disagree with you that much on the names on the depth chart. But due to various facts and circumstances throughout the year I don't think the name/talent matched the production they could bring.

    I don't disagree too much with you that Edelman is top half of #1 WRs. I've always maintained that being a #1 is as much about how you impact coverage as it is how many passes you catch so I'd probably list him a little lower than his production because I don't think he shifts the field the way some other guys do. But him as a #1 isn't bad IMO. However, he had a rib injury in week 4 he played with all year. Hurt his ankle later and is now having surgery. His YAC was down a yard per catch from last year. By the end of the season, Julian Edelman was on the field in name but not actual level of play, if that makes sense.

    Sanu I agree is a good enough #2 on paper. But he got acquired midseason. And then he got hurt. And then the QB got hurt and had to miss practice. So there were never consistent practice reps to build any timing.

    I also agree that Harry came along and showed flashes. But as a rookie he was out in training camp and then on PUP for like 8 weeks. And again, the QB was missing practice late in the year. So getting the timing was tough.

    Dorsett to me is a JAG. He's a #4 on the depth chart that can play in some 3 WR sets. I thought he was fine with what he was, though players in that role have it tougher when the top of the depth chart is weak and they can't slide in to more favorable matchups. I'd say rookie Jacobi Meyers falls into the same bucket as Dorsett too.

    Gordon and Antonio Brown each played minor time before being cut. I don't really factor them in. Gordon seems toast and AB is just a head case they couldn't keep.

    I do disagree with you on Watson. He sucks as a starter. Has to be bottom 5 starting TEs in the game at this point. And when the WR depth chart is weak you can't afford that.

    The RB group I agree is talented. Big issue though is how Michel can only play on running downs. Makes them so much easier to defend because he's a strong tell of the play call.

    The biggest issue I thought with NE was a lack of timing. And Brady's physical limitation are a bug part of the reliance on that. Forget any talk of decline, even a prime Brady was a timing guy. He's never had good arm talent. He's never been able to scramble. It's all about beating you with near-flawless timing and precision. That's why they've always struggled to develop rookie receivers because it's such a tough environment to play, particularly for young guys. And you look at that WR depth chart, between injuries and shuffling guys in and out, there was never any time to develop consistency and timing.

    I think if NE brings the exact same guys back but gives them a training camp and practice reps they'll be much-improved off of that alone. It will allow those guys to play up to their name values that you outlined and I, for the most part, agree with.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bosston View Post
    The guy is 42... he's playing with a bunch of #3 receivers, a banged up o line, and went 12-4. He HAS made players look better than they are and still does, but you can't paint a 100 square foot room with 2oz of Benjamin Moore.
    This. I mean the fact at 41 he won it all and was MVP was significant.
    "Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships."
    - Michael Jordan

    Thanks MJ-Bulls for the picture.

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