This award goes to a moment that went maybe a bit to far, or was hardcore to the bone.

Adam Cole/Tommaso Ciampa Air Raid Crash off the cage at wargames

Only months after coming back from neck surgery, Tommaso Ciampa took Adam Cole to the top of the cage, and delivered a Air Raid Crash off the cage and through the tables.

Drew McIntyre stabbed Dean Ambrose in the eye

As Dean Ambrose was leaving WWE, he feuded with Drew McIntyre. During a falls count anywhere match, Drew took it to the next level and stabbed Dean in the eye with a pencil. Complete with Renee's scream, it made it very realistic.

Kevin Owens splashes Shane through the ladder

With their careers on the line at the debut of Friday Night Smackdown on Fox, Owens and Shane went to the extreme, including a frog splash through a ladder.

The Miz takes Shane off the ladder at Wrestlemania

The Miz took things to the extreme at Wrestlemania, The Miz usually does not do high risk, but he did at wrestlemania, throwing Shane off the top.

Triple H takes out Batista's nose ring, the hard way

We remember Randy Orton and the screwdriver to Jeff Hardy's ear. Triple raises the bar with a nosering and pliers.

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