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I don't want Tua seeing the field until we have 3 of the 5 o lineman solidified. We have an extremely young and raw o line and I'm not risking putting the face of the franchise behind said o line until they become a solid unit. I've had this as a red shirt year for Tua for the beginning which is why he was a perfect choice for us this season. We have the grizzled veteran in Fitz on a cheap 1 yr deal and Rosen as well. If the o line isn't getting the job done and Fitz gets hurt then put Rosen in. I don't want Tua getting the David Carr treatment.

Keep in mind I'm also hoping for like a 6 win season at best so this also plays in to the idea of letting Tua sit all season.
Me too. And I just looked at the schedule and there's no way anyone will pressure Flores to start Tua in November - December anyway lol.