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    Top Ten News Stories of 2019

    No order but here are the Top News Stories of 2019 here:

    1. Impeachment hearings that led to Donald J Trump, only third President in forty five of them being impeached
    2. Paris Notre Dame Cathedral being on fire
    3. Two Boeing plane crashes that back to back in all killing in overseas nearly 400 people on board, all staffers and passengers led to grounding them indefinitely
    4. Hurricane Dorian wrecking havoc in the Bahamas
    5. Decade after last major win over personal and professional life, Tiger Woods back on top
    6. Two year Russian-Mueller investigation comes to an end
    7. College Varsity Blues Scandal leading to high profile rich people and celebrities being indicted or implicated over pay to attend on a silver platter
    8. Overcrowding detention centers and ongoing immigration that centers on asylum
    9. Jeffrey Epstein suicide leads to questions of not that and victims turned survivors out to dry
    10. UK trying to get out of three year Brexit deal

    Honorable Mention:Gun control and shootings, Jussie Smollett, Prince Archie born to Dutchess Kate and Prince Harry!
    Back to Life, Back to Reality!

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    Wow, I like these kinds of threads because it shows how much has really happened this year! Glad to see a fresh start in a few days!

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    The burning of the Amazon rainforest and Trump pulling back from bombing Iran. Maybe not as important, a Democrat-socialist Jew having a chance to win the presidency or the raise of the left/progressive party.

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