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    Does Lars Sullivan get released?

    So we have all of the homophobic and racist stuff he posted on the bodybuilder forum that someone found which resulted in a $100,000 fine. Now he's preparing for a return from injury, and someone leaked that he acted in adult films of the homosexual nature. Can't believe WWE is too happy with the guy right now. I'm not going to link to anything just to keep it safe for work, but suffice to say all of the dirt sheets are running with this now and it's a top Google search........and his wikipedia page is locked.

    Is he going to get future endeavored after this latest issue has come to light?

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    Doubt it since he wasn't released for the homophobic and racist posts. Plus, he's out injured so this will probably blow over by the time he returns. Unless WWE doesn't feel that he's worth keeping.

    New column on my site dedicated to WWE
    Why The Brand Extension Never Works

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    Nah but at least he's exposed for being a hypocritical piece of ****. Doing that dumb gay bashing then starring in gay porn.

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