Is anybody else getting sick of this ďbend but donít breakĒ defense? I see it week after week and I just donít understand why. Weíre talented enough on that side of the ball where we should be attacking opposing offenses and trying to dictate the terms. Instead we constantly rush 4 and play a shell where we just try to keep everything in front of us and not give up the big play. In my opinion we should be blitzing a lot more and trying to get qbís to think quicker and make more mistakes/inaccurate throws. I feel like opposing qbís are wayyy to comfortable and know exactly what theyíre going to get from Zimís defense.

I understand our corners are the weakest link of this unit, but it has a lot to do with the lack of pressure we get from rushing only 4 and the fact that qbís already know what the defense is going to show them. If we can be less predictable and get more pressure with some creative blitz packages, our corners wonít have to cover as long and we might get better results.

I donít see any changes in scheme on a week to week basis. We play tons of off coverage and constantly get killed by the quick screen game and quick slants. We are severely underachieving on the defensive side of the ball considering the amount of talent this roster has and it kills me to watch. Iím used to seeing a lot more resistance from this unit.