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    Yeah, I donít see Winston getting signed for 30+ million.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bwallstreet View Post
    This thread is filled with some crazy ****. Last pass as a Buc? Highly doubtful and would be a terrible move.

    Tua is going to go 5th to Miami or higher.

    I understand wanting to have another possible starter, if we sign Jameis to a short deal but I would not draft a QB in the first 4 rounds. Hurts is not an NFL QB. Give me OT and some combo of EDGE, RB, S, G/C in the first 4 picks.

    Does everybody understand what Winston has played through? He wears a cast all week, doesn't throw and then goes out and plays on Sunday. That is an incredibly tough situation for anyone. He still is able to pull off that perfect 40 yard ball to Perriman and that miracle TD but it is affecting him, more so vs Houston than Atlanta but still.

    Everybody is acting like Winston is incapable of now throwing 30 picks. He can, has and will. He generally throw 12-16 less than 1 a game. This year 80% of his INTs came in 7 home games and London. Look at the other 8 games.
    Winston 2019 away stats
    8 games
    18 pass TD
    6 INT
    2,472 Pass Yards

    That is half a season of great yardage over 2 TD a game, less than an INT a game and a 5-3 record. That is under Bruce Arians and Leftwich with this roster. He can do it. We just need to get that to transition to home games.

    If you project his away stats yo a full season they are.
    16 games
    36 pass TD
    12 INT
    4,944 pass yards

    Everybody would be very happy with a 3:1 TD to INT ratio and almost 5000 yards.

    There were some inaccurate throws this year, some bad decisions. There were also plenty of tipped passes, miscommunication by WRs and fluky plays in those 30 INTs. It literally seemed like every 50/50 ball broke the defenses way. I also dont think those opening game scripts were very good and were predictable. The amount of WRs, TE, RB on this team who allowed DBs to come back to the ball while they stood there or continued to fall away was insane. Godwin is the most consistent at coming back to the ball and it really helps, especially with the routes we are running.

    Team is close, some OL help, another back, more experience for CBs we have and better S play and this is a playoff team. Great front 7, 2 great WRs, other capable pass catchers and a QB who can win.
    If he threw 16 or less INT's this year we would have been in the MVP conversation. That's definitely the goal next year. Same stats, but cut the INT number in half. I saw what Carson Palmer did between year 1 to year 2 under Arians, and for that reason, I am hopeful.

    I disagree with you though about not drafting a QB in the first 4 rounds. I think he have to prepare for the possibility that Jameis doesn't get it figured out, and then hope for the best. If Arians is truly a young QB whisperer, why not get him started on grooming a young one with lots of upside. J. Eason and J. Herbert fit the bill in rounds 1 or 2. I think Jordan Love could be an interesting 3rd or 4th rounder.

    I don't think they have a choice. The fan base will lose their mind if there is not a backup plan in place, and bringing in a vet over a rookie wastesArians supposed talent of developing QBs from scratch.

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