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    SD 12/20: Waking the American Dragon

    The Fiend killed the goat, the environmentalist, the yes movement Daniel Bryan. But, he woke up the retro Daniel Bryan, the American Dragon. Will the "old" Daniel Bryan be enough to overcome the fiend?

    Baron Corbin and his alliance of Dolph Ziggler and The Revival defeated Roman at TLC, can Roman find backup to get revenge?

    Sheamus has being promoting his return to singles action soon. Will it be tonight?

    Tonights card:

    Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura vs "The New Day" Big E and Kofi

    Dana Brooke vs Bayley
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    Roman almost has to get The Usos right? It HAS to be right?
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    Looking forward to the Dana/Bayley match. Dana has taken a whole lot of effort to improve both her in ring and out of ring. I think she is going to win the match since it appears to be non-title.
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