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    2020 Prediction Game and the future of the wrestling forum

    I wanted to address a few things.

    First off a apology, I know I haven't been great the last few months making threads but I am dedicating myself to trying to do better in 2020. 2019 has been a rough year for me personally.

    I was hoping that with a new company in AEW coming out, that the wrestling forum would reach new heights, but we lost a few major contributors of the forum and it has slowed the flow, but I'm hoping we can pick up the flow with a new year.

    Prediction Game With Riv going MIA, it messed up the flow of the prediction game. Ever since I took over, I've tried to keep the flow going but I do not have the time to try to score a whole year, therefore, 2019 will be a wash, and we will start the 2020 Prediction Game with the Royal Rumble and it will run through the 2020 calendar year with whatever the last PPV of the year is as the finale.

    2019 WWE Awards I do plan to do the award polls that I have done for the last two years, and I will include NXT in the WWE awards, since it is all one brand now. Also, I want feedback on if you guys want the AEW awards or not.

    Suggestions If you guys have any ideas, fill free to post them.

    Lets work together to make 2020 the revival of the wrestling forum.
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    No worries although I wanted to ask a few times why these predictions threads have been seeing less and less participants lately but now I know.

    Vince to Gronk

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    Truthfully we have lost a lot of the older posters to different things (health/life/work etc) but I think a big reason the forum is dying is because a lot and by alot and mean 90% of the threads get derailed by certain posters. If you don't agree with them or you have a certain opinion they automatically attack you or in an indirect way call you an idiot.

    " AEW needs to improve in certain areas"

    next post - " Well you're an idiot if you don't like it don't watch"
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    Happy to help where I can. I don't as frequently post in the weekly threads other than general observations, but I am on the site most every day when I've got a lull at work and in the evenings.
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    a general 2020 prediction thread(sticky so it doesnt get lost in a year). a bold predictions in the same thread, like what WWE wrestlers will get released, which ones will debut in AEW. who will win their first world title that has not won one ,NXT wrestler to win a title(IC, US, raw or smackdown title etc). breakout star, if an AEW wrestler will jump to WWE.

    I also remember the dark days of the wrestling forum when it was Driven talking to himself with a few replies here and there.

    Too many what Ifs

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