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I kinda would like to have a back up 2 that could play some 3. I am actually ok with our 4/5 rotation Wiseman, Looney, Green, Chriss, Paschall.... unless a no brainer becomes available.

I think having wiggins, Bazemore, Oubre play the bulk of the 2/3.... leaves a solid defensive wing to be desired. X-Files and Poole are small off guards and will never be Lead guards. LOL- we actually could use klay thompson to fill out the rotation.
Poole has an outside chance at being a lead guard. The problem with looking for a "Klay Thompson type" is that every team in the NBA is looking for them too.

Wesson shot 42% from 3 last year and hit 80% of his 3s in the pre-draft trials, by far the best among all bigs. So while he doesn't bring in elite athleticism or wing defense he DOES bring shooting and rebounding and something completely missing on the Warriors at present in post scoring.