After watching the games after Callahan took over, the players are playing much harder, far less penalties and better game clock management. Haskins has a long way to go, but I small progressions each game, he has a rifle of an arm is seems more confident with each start. I don't see why this team couldn't have much different results next season with 10 of these changes:

1. Obvious: Dismiss Bruce Allen

2. Buy out Alex Smiths contract, but keep him in the organization in some sort of front office capacity. Have Smith work with Haskins rigorously offseason on all aspects of the game.

3. Keep Callahan. He may not be the best coach but he anchored this team that had clearly mailed it in with Gruden. The defense played much better after Norman got benched. I would can Greg Manusky and go after a good respected defensive coordinator.

4. Trade or cut Paul Richardson and Trey Quinn. Mclaurin, Harmon and Sims are the future starting core. Add a solid veteran WR.

5. Move on from Jordan Reed and Vernon Davis. Go after the best TE in the draft. Cut Sprinkle.

6. Assess the medical staff and make some offseason changes.

7. Hope to god Trent Williams wants to return with Bruce Allen gone and the medical staff re-worked. If not, trade him hopefully for a first or 2nd.

8. Cut Josh Norman

9. Find Morgan Moses' replacement as starting RT.

10.Cut Chris Thompson, bring back AP and another vet rb as insurance for Guice.

If the skins draft well this offseason, they could very well be worth watching in just a few months.

Any thoughts?