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    Quote Originally Posted by dbroncos78087 View Post
    I meant that it upsets you so much that they posted it. Now for it to be true, would be hilarious to me.
    Yeah I wouldn't really care all that much tbh. I grew up a Bucks fan and endured some awful seasons where while I am a Bucks fan, I'm not an NBA fan. Never have been.

    I have no emotional attachment to the NBA- a league that has allowed an "alleged" (read the case) rapist to be an icon for the league.

    Quite frankly big moves like the hypothetical you reference are what the NBA wants; they don't want stars in Milwaukee, New Orleans, and other small markets.
    MTM is my puppet and I am his puppet master.

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    Rush and I will pass along the feedback, and if you truly feel this strongly about it, use the Contact Us link at the bottom of the forum to tell them why you don't like it, and what type of content you would rather see instead.

    At this point, I'm going to close the thread because this is the extent of what we can do here.

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