I think the under discussed part of this is the element of filing the week BEFORE you play a team.

I think one of the things that often got kind of overlooked with spy gate was the actual application of the tapes. You have to film the sideline, but then you need to synch the game tape up with that so you can direct what the signals mean. You might film the coach tapping his head 3 times at a signal but in real time you can't really watch the entire defense and disect what the common theme is on that signal.

Filming the game you play in gives you a knowledge base for the next time you play that team/coach. You can't necessarily rely on it, but you have look outs. You might suspect the other coach tapping 3 times means the DE shadows the RB for a screen so you can be on the lookout for it as a coach.

If the Pats were to now be doing that taping a week in advance that multiplies the usefulness of the information probably 100 times. So this needs to be investigated extremely thoroughly if there are ties to the football organization.