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    Quote Originally Posted by Cubs420 View Post
    Pretty damn annoying that Theo hasn't been able to accomplish what Rick Hahn is doing right now..

    Guys like Baez and Willie should have been extended like this years ago...
    Theo can't force guys to extend. If I was Baez or Bryant I wouldn't extend eother unless it was for FA money.

    We got Hendricks to extend, Rizzo signed a good deal.

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    From ML debut to FA, the Cubs core will have been with the club for Rizzo (10 years), Hendricks (13 years), Bryant (7 years), Schwarber (7 years), Baez (8 years), Happ (7 years), Caratini (7 years). So not too dissimilar to the White Sox. It just looks different because the White Sox core were a few years behind the Cubs core in terms of service time.

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    The details of Christian Yelich’s nine-year, $215 million contract are out and they reveal deferred money that will have the Brewers paying their star outfielder well beyond the next nine years. In fact, he’ll get paid by Milwaukee through 2042.

    According to the Associated Press, under the deal the Brewers will defer $4 million each year from his $26 million annual salary from 2022 to ’28. The deal includes a $20 million mutual option for 2029 with a $6.5 million buyout, and $2 million of the buyout would be deferred as well. If the buyout is owed, the $30 million in deferred money would be paid in 12 installments of $2.5 million each July 1 from 2031-42. If the buyout is not owed, Yelich will get the $28 million in 11 installments of $2.3 million each July 1 from 2031-41 and a final payment of $2.3 million on July 1, 2042.
    Yikes. Probably another Bobby Bonilla moment right here

    2016 World Series Champions!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by CubsRule08 View Post
    Yikes. Probably another Bobby Bonilla moment right here
    I wonder if their owner is looking for another big year or 2 then selling.

    Or they're just being smart and putting that deferred money aside each year and making more money on it.

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