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Thread: Knicks vs Bucks

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    Quote Originally Posted by TakeAnotherL View Post
    DsJ has to be one of the biggest disappointments ever. Hes literally good at nothing.

    Never in a million years did i think it was possible we could trade KP for a PG who is worse than Mudiay.

    How the F is it possible this front office can mess things up this bad?

    That dude just dont care. Drop him at bojangles after the game and leave him.

    Mitch and Knox looking completely useless.

    And defense is non existent without frank the god.

    Lol I was scanning for the Bojangles comment. Ty

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    Quote Originally Posted by still a fan View Post
    this is true, but it is crazy ironic when we finally become a bottom team and not even tanking we aren't guaranteed a top 3?

    The more I think about this new lottery the more it don't make sense. For a team like NO to get the number one pick and Memphis how they started out last year get the number that is just crazy.

    I thought the NBA wanted parity, but now a bottom team will have much longer time to get out of being a bottom feeder.

    I guess more frustration than anything else
    For the Knicks fans there only option is to hope for the worst and hope for odds in there favor. Dolan is stuck with Mills so forget any culture or identity for this team. Knicks gotta keep collecting talent via draft cause that's there only strength. I don't trust them to win any trades or build strong roster via FA.

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    Lol how many lottery picks do we need to be considered decent

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    DAL on pace for 58 wins, with KP & THJR both coming off surgery.

    We might be looking at the #29 pick next year from them when Doncic is in his 3rd year and even better. and people called me crazy for saying they could win 51 or so next year.

    crazy how close we were to having the same KP/Doncic/THJR team DAL has now... a few losses or ping pong balls. that team is so fun to watch.

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    lol some of these screenshots posted are hilarious. we'll never win with these type of players.

    wide open 3 from just about ANYONE in the NBA >>>>> highly contested shot in the post. But this FO doesn't believe in analytics so... keep building that 2001 Pistons team #bullyball

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