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Thread: Our 2nd 10

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    Our 2nd 10

    Went 9-1 (17-3 overall) First in the league

    Our easy schedule

    Our easy schedule, we eeked out wins against the leagues bottom feeder game after game and now the team looks full of themselves. The defense has really dropped. Yes AB has been hurt but is he really the reason we went from 1st to wherever we're at now? The teams attitude has changed, we went from a businesslike championship mindset to an aloof Hollywood attitude cause we ran off 10 straight wins against the likes of Phoenix (8-10), GS (4-17), Sac (8-10), OKC twice (8-11), ATL (4-16), Mem (6-13), SA (7-14), NO (6-14), Wash (6-12). Not a single winning team.

    I said last time that in this month (Dec) we're gonna find out what our role players are made of, well it won't only be them, we're gonna find out what AD is made of. He was all giddy on our win streak saying things like he can't believe he's a Laker. Well we can't judge a man's character when things are going great, when we're beating up on the little guys, let's see what he has to say after this month. Let's see how he handles himself after a few losses and fingers start to get pointed by the media. And of course it won't be LBJs fault cause he's a 3 time champion and the rest of the team are just a bunch of role players.

    14-0 against teams below .500
    3-3 against teams over .500
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    Yep. This month is going to really tell us how good we really are.

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    We really need this tough stretch of games. Our weaknesses will get exposed and it gives Pelinka 6-8 weeks to try and strengthen them. We got off to a blazing hot start but IMO it's fools gold at this point. So we barely beat the worst teams in the league, big freaken deal. That's like me at 17 beating my 12 year old little brother time and time again.

    Our record against winning teams is more important IMO. And we're only 3-3 against winning teams and we had both LBJ and AD for them 3 losses.

    Our main competition in the West, the Clippers, is 6-3 against teams with winning records. Two of them losses neither Kawhi or PG played and the other only Kawhi played. They are 3-0 against teams with a winning record and both play.

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