Everyone knows that the Bucks have the deepest team in the league and that depth has shown recently with injuries to Middleton, George Hill, Sterling Brown and Brook Lopez. The Bucks 11th, 12th, 13th and even 14th players have stepped up and contributed heavily. But buried in that depth chart, might linger the Secret Weapon that helps deliver Milwaukee their 1st NBA Championship. Maybe this was the plan all along, keep your secret weapon secret, by not putting them in the game.

Preseason basketball is pretty meaningless, but it left me anxious to see what these Bucks would look like if Dragan Bender could play in the regular season, the same way he played in the preseason. Perhaps he'll go back to getting DNP's, Coaches decision for another month and perhaps that's the best approach given his build and potential for injury. I can't help but wonder what we might have as the 14th man on the roster though.

He hasn't done anything yet, but the feeling I get is we have the preinjury Kristap Portzingus waiting for his opportunity to be unleashed. We got the 1st glimpse of it against Charlotte and I can't wait to watch it unfold.