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You guys have a point there, I was thinking his shooting ability and underrated size at 6"3 would lend itself to a prolonged prime, so I was looking up other PG's who primarily relied on shooting ability to contribute, guys like Bibby, Chauncey and outside of Steve Nash/Stockton (similar build, albeit superior vision), most tailed off dramatically entering that stage of their careers and the 2 that didn't had to have their minutes monitored by 35 or so. Dubs need Curry to remain transcendent to have any hope at winning again.

I was thinking about CP3 too, surely he should hold up better than a smaller player who has suffered significant injuries but even CP3 could only muster one final prime year, his first year in Houston.

I think Curry has 2 RS carry years left and maybe 3 playoff runs of elite play. Should be fun to watch how he ends his career
CP3 is not even 6', and ate too many donuts. He would have aged better had he taken care of himself.