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    Quote Originally Posted by mike_noodles View Post
    I think itís pretty easily the 100k job. I think you should make it more realistic. Do the job you hate for 100k and the job you love for 40k.

    How many people already do a job they hate for life for 40k and under?
    Yea, if that 100k is a little less then this question gets a lot more interesting. 100k will support a very comfortable and enjoyable life.

    That said I'm doing a job I hate for a million a year. It's too much money to pass up. That means every year I can buy an apartment complex for 25 years, that's 25 grandchildren who can literally do nothing and still live comfortable if they want.

    There is nothing like perpetual passive income

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    i live in wisconsin... 100k is 1% around here lol

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    Give me the million.

    I'm married, I can do anything and be miserable for a small amount of time.

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    25 years ain't a small amount of time.

    "there's no scraps in my scrapbook"

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    Quote Originally Posted by spliff(TONE) View Post
    25 years ain't a small amount of time.
    Drop in the bucket to a married father

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raps08-09 Champ View Post
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    Does the 100k rise with inflation? If it does, and I get to pick where I live, for sure the 100k. That money today is just fine in the Twin Cities for example.

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    100k is the easy answer

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    I'd take the million a year. Make up for hating my job by having a big house, living it up doing whatever I want on the weekends and taking awesome vacations. Then when my 25 years are up retire and travel the world

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