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    Quote Originally Posted by ChitownbullsBG7 View Post
    trade Zach Lavine to Orlando for Fournier and Isaac. Do it before Orlando come tho their senses and realize they have something in him.
    I like that idea. Isaac is really good, but hasn't fully broken out yet, and Orlando is looking for a scorer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KG2TB View Post
    Maybe Garpax extended boylen as part of the tanking effort? Tank 1-2 more years and hopefully get the #1 pick? No way this team is winning many games with that blubbering idiot.
    Starting to think 45-50 was a bad take hahaha.

    Boylen is so dumb, makes me wonder what they could do with an average coach rather than possibly the worst in the nba.

    40? Maybe .500 at 42?

    At least they seem to have hit on the coby pick!

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    Hope to see some new posters around here soon.

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