Went 8-2.. First in the West. Can never complain about being #1 but let's not get carried away, a loss last night and we could've been #6 in the West.

Our strengths:
Defense - I really love our C combo of McGee & Howard defensively. Especially with AD playing help defense. ABs ability to stay in front of his man is also key to our defense. Opposing PGs aren't attacking the rim "at will" getting our C's in foul trouble. We're solid defensively at our bookends C/PG.

AD and LBJ dominance - I'm not saying I agree with how offense has been pretty much iso plays by either of them with occasional kick outs but I also can't deny how great they've both been. But I'm also not gonna overreact and expect we can carry this offense to a title.

Our depth at C and PG. We don't have superstars at either position but they're all (AB, RR, Caruso, JM, DH) solid and know their role. None are trying to do that extra that can hurt the team. If they simply do what their roles are they're good. Throw in mins played by AD at C and LBJ at PG.

Our weakness:
Lack of shooting, specifically our inconsistency from our SGs. Before last night, our 3 point specialist Green had hit only three 3 pointers total in the prior 4 games combined. KCP is still getting rewarded for being a bridge to illegally recruit LBJ through his agent.

Lack of depth at our forward positions. Dudley hasn't really seen the court, Kuzma is barely getting back into playing mode. Besides them 2 backing up LBJ and AD there really isn't anything solid. And I'm not saying Dudley is solid. Neither DH or McGee can play PF and all our guards (Green, KCP, Cook, Caruso) are too small too small to play extended mins at SF. Especially when we play a team with a dominant SF.

Lack of a legitimate lock down defender to guard opposing elite SGs/SFs. Green isn't the defender he used to be. Kuzma has never been a good defender and as he gets closer to his 1st big contract expect him to concentrate on offense. LBJ isn't a lock down defender plus we really don't want him exerting too much energy on defense.