Iíll get flamed for this, and thatís fine.

But itís pretty obvious this guy isnít the answer. Despite the talk of promise last year, the defense finished only marginally improved from the year before with Capers. He needed better players. Made sense.

3 big free agent signings later, and this defense sucks. They hit their high water mark early in the year and have gone straight into the toilet since. Absolute garbage 3 weeks in a row. Canít stop the run, and the secondary canít cover a damn thing. I think most of us thought our secondary was pretty promising coming into the year. I just canít see it now.

You get better players, you have to deliver. Instead, weíre seeing regression this year. Run defense is garbage. Secondary has taken a huge step back. Kenny Clark has disappeared- he was supposed to be a budding superstar! We canít do anything consistently. We just gave up over 400 yards to a team playing their backup Qb. Take away some throwaways and the guy completed nearly every pass he threw. Had a higher completion percentage than Rodgers. And heís a backup!

Fire this guy.