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    Maybe I can put this here and people will actually give me some feedback.

    Since having TM duties stripped, I was told that if I adhered to some things (behavior, create IGT's, create discussion and activity - although now TT has come out publicly saying I'm a troll, big thanks to that) that we could chat about getting back in the game. This place is short handed and I'm over here waving my hands to help, but completely get ignored. I don't want the "send PM's", I have, no responses.

    I'm active. You have current mods (War) and past mods (mgj) repeating how swamped and time limited the few mods we have are. Meanwhile, here I sit, willing to help. Hell, I'll remove myself from posting and just help moderate. People may not love the material, but I keep conversations going at least. I bring activity with me. I'm sure there are those who oppose me becoming a mod, hell, speak up here. I seriously want to know what I have done to not even get a look?

    Here is what I am offering. I am here dang near Mon-Fri 8a-5p central. I'm around at night most of the time and checking in on the weekends and of course post during most of the prime time games. I would take the role of creating all IGT's (I'd like a little help on making them prettier) so that nobody else had to. What's the downside here?

    Seriously guys, let's chat.

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    No, we are not going to make you a TM or moderator.

    You continue to troll the site. In a thread that I posted in making a comment about something related, you quoted me saying "Make a thread" and nothing more. Since I closed the general news thread, you made a bunch of threads to troll the decision that was made, instead of seeking out why it was made- that kind of thread should've been made here.

    We also promote posters who carry themselves with decorum and their content rises above everyone elses- as a TM or moderator, you are a model poster. With you, you constantly needle the site and decisions made, you recently made a thread with a curse word blurred out in the title (also with the same needling intent), poorly done IGT's for the Eagles forum when you were a TM and overall. You have constantly said you want to be a TM or moderator, but you don't act like one.

    You want to be a mod or TM? Carry yourself differently on the forums and we can have that discussion in a few months.

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