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    Jul 2018

    What if the Bucks were prepared to make a king's offer to Vlade for Bogdan & Bjelica?

    It has to be split into two parts because Matthews can't be traded until the 15th of December, but basically it is this trade I thought about:

    Bucks receive: Bogdan Bogdanovic & Nemanja Bjelica

    Kings receive: Wes Matthews & Erzan Ilyasova (to replace the missed players rolls) + Donte Divincenzo(combo guard) & D.J. Wilson(SF/PF/sbCF) on their rookie contracts, + a 1st (from pacers - no 15 to 18) + 2x2nd (from Pacers no 40-45)

    Wouldn't that suit both teams perfect, since the Kings are investing on experience in half the team so that they can keep it going, but add youth and talent in the 2nd half of the team so that they can look to be contending in a couple of seasons?

    What the Bucks are looking, is a player to replace Brogdon's role (as much as this is possible) and another to replace Mirotic role...

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    Jul 2018
    I believe what I propose should suit perfect both teams, cause the Kings have both Bogdan and Nemanja coming from bench and therefore it wouldn't affect much the team's performance if they replace them with Matthews and Ilyasova (in fact Ilyasova may be an improvement over Bjelica in the Kings system) and then the two youngsters on Divincenzo and Wilson, other than being very talented, they play on positions perfect to supplement the King's youth looking at the near future... and then there is the picks too...

    I therefore think it serves both teams perfect and Divac would do it, cause above all he has a plan in his mind and this proposal looks to accelerate it.

    In their very different goals for this season, the Bucks want to win now and contend for the title, while the Kings are looking to keep the team going for this season (maybe try to enter the playoffs too at a low seed) and develop it further in order to be able and contend in the near future...

    Then there is also that both Hield and Bogdanovic are expiring this season (albeit both restricted) and it wouldn't be wise financially for the Kings to spend on both, cause by doing so, they would come close to the lux tax threshold before more of their youth is eligible for contract extension in the following seasons...

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    Jul 2018
    I thought of this as an alternative to the proposal before... It takes in mind that the Bucks would trade Ilyasova for a PG in another deal...

    "3-team deal" between Bucks, Wolves and Kings:

    - The Wolves get Bledsoe,
    - The Bucks get Bogdanovic + Bjelica
    - The Kings get Covington + Matthews + Okogie + a 1st from Bucks (via Pacers)...

    Please do comment on your thoughts...

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