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Thread: Det/okc/min

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    First off I'm gonna say I have no horse in this race. This trade wouldn't make any difference to me if it were to happen. I just think it would make a lot of sense for all 3 teams

    Minny trades Teague, Dieng & lottery protected 1st
    Minny gets CP3

    OKC trades CP3 & lottery protected 1st (they have like 8 in the next few years)
    OKC gets Griffen

    Detroit trades Griffen
    Detroit get Dieng, Teague & two 1sts

    Why for Minny? They get veteran leadership they really need. They would IMO become a legitimate contender

    Why for OKC? It's still gonna get worse before it can get better. They really need to break it all the way down and start over. They at least get their hometown star to root for during these few tank seasons. Team will also make a lot more $ with Blake instead of CP3

    Why for Detroit? They're stuck in the middle. Griffen isn't gonna get them out the middle, he's injury prone and has an almost untradable contract. Here's a team that could be willing to take it on. They get two 1sts.


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    Even though most people outside of Detroit cannot stand to hear Pistons' PA announcer John Mason scream, "Deeetroit Basketball," it will always hold a special place in every true Detroit sports fan.

    While the past couple years have been rough for the Pistons, there is no arguing their place in NBA history.

    From 2002-2008, they went to the Eastern Conference Finals 6 times in a row and the NBA Finals twice, earning their third NBA Championship in 2004. This was all done with a group of players who stayed together, were unheard of before they arrived in Detroit and carried with them a blue collar work ethic.

    Let's not forget the Pistons from the late 80s and early 90s. The "Bad Boys," as they came to be known, took Detroit by storm. While they were hated in America, they were loved in the D. They played hard, and they played to win. They left everything they had on the court. That is why they won and that is why Detroit loved them.

    The Pistons may be in rebuilding mode, but there is no doubt that fans still love the red and blue. A new owner, a new coach, but the same blue collar work ethic will propel this young Pistons' team to the top of the NBA once again.

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