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    Quote Originally Posted by smood999 View Post
    I donít think heís a bad player, I just think that some are thinking heís a player that he isnít. I like Lonzo Ball who Haliburton is similar to. Itís probably the most accurate comp in the draft.

    Heís not my first choice, but it is what it is. Knicks are reportedly not high on him, so if thatís true, he wonít be the pick...and thatís even if heís there, which I doubt he will be.
    Thatís fair. Or Brogdon. Iíd take any of them. Didnít say heís my first pick. But Iíd be happy with him as the pick

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    Quote Originally Posted by smood999 View Post
    He shot 28% on pull ups. Heís largely a transition and spot up guy. He struggles getting to the basket in the half court as well.
    Hali took very few pull ups so its a small sample size and because he thought he could get a better shot than that for a teammate, and usually he did. Besides, Hali gets to the hoop well enough and the Knicks have enough guys that all they do is try and get to the basket. It's about time we draft a guy who can orchestrate, shoot, and make smart plays on the perimeter with the ball.
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