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    Quote Originally Posted by Bivory View Post
    Hayes just doesn't jump out at me like a difference maker. Cole at least, gets it in. Gotta check him start to finish. I guess we'll see.
    I think youíre underestimating Hayes. He looks like more of a scorer than heís getting credit for here as well, heís not passive at all from what Iíve seen, has a nice mid range/floater game, and I think heíll be a better three point shooter than what some are forecasting. I wouldnít be surprised at all if heís putting up close to the same PPG numbers as Cole on better efficiency in the NBA

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    2020 Draft Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by nycericanguy View Post
    it shows improvement and any 18 year old putting up 24/9/9 is impressive even if just for 4 games.
    I wouldnít say it shows improvement because itís only 4 games. 32% 3PT for a SSS is trash and he attempted 22 shots per game to get those 24 points. Thatís not efficient at all. His last game he was actually 1-11 from 3PT, so Iím not sure how we can say he improved.

    Lewisís 10 games to end season but up 23/4/6 on 49% FG and 48% 3PT. Does that mean heís going to be a 48% 3PT guy?

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