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Thread: Mod Issues

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    Quote Originally Posted by spliff(TONE) View Post
    Lame. Just because the rule has been around for a long time, doesn't make it a good rule. One of many aspects of this site that are way behind the times.
    Did you see my reason why? This site wouldn't be here without advertising, and that is why the filter is in place. When I ran my own site, the lack of a filter severely limited my options. Ever look at the Who's Online list and see spiders listed? Those are search engines indexing your posts, as well as advertisers doing the same.

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    Yes, of course I saw your reasons why. Sounds pretty antiquated. Every other site seems to do fine with advertising even if people drop some four letter words here and there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThomasTomasz View Post
    It's a rule that's been in place for a long time, with a filter to help it. Advertisers and partners don't want to see a lot of that stuff. So if it's in the rules that NSMP's wants us to enforce, we have to enforce it.
    That's some motha****in ********!

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    I stayed quiet here because ThomasTomasz put well what happened. But just the $0.02 for what I saw here:

    99% of the time filter dodging is an innocent mistake. Before reporting I usually check to see if they've been warned/infracted for this before. But these happened during a west coast game for an east coast game, and I woke up, and the first thing I have to do is edit 3-4 times the same exact filter dodge. I figured being a more 'vet' poster it should have been realized. I reported in just asking should anything be done, and basically stepped up of the decision making. When most people said it's an honest mistake, I said it's all good and I was wondering.

    Personally I just change most filter dodges and in the reasoning for editing I write "Please don't filter dodge". I only tend to report it if it's a blatantly obvious dodge, or if it's been multiple times in a short time period. For most times it's to put a user note on the account (regardless of official or unofficial warning) so we know for the future.

    That's all this was for. If you feel targeted.....I'm not sure what to say. If you think this was some type of grudge over another conversation.....I'm not sure what to say. I don't do crap like that, and I wouldn't be a mod if I did. I would say, and I think ThomasTomasz and Rush can back this up, this is the first time I've reported something of yours and for the most part I've been supportive when issues have arised. Just because I don't publically call someone out on an issue doesn't mean I want someone gone. I just don't believe in doing something like that through non-official channels and in a way anyone can see.

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