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Danielle Hunter was credited with 10 pressures and Everson Griffen had 7.

Highest graded Vikings per PFF:


1. Rudolph 86.8
2. Cook 76.0
3. Cousins 72.6
4. Diggs 72.3
5. Elflein 67.7


1. Griffen 78.9
2. Hunter 74.0
3. Harris 72.0
4. Barr 70.9
5. Odenigbo 69.5
PFF has got to be trolling us Viking fans. Did you guys know that Pat Elflein is the 7th rated Guard according to PFF. Yes, I'm not lying it is a true statement.

I think this is an example of when he plays bad it must just look really bad on those plays lol. Because I was with a lot of you a few weeks ago in saying he needs to go. But honestly I'm starting to come away pretty damn impressed with the progression our OL has made now that they are getting comfortable.