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    Quote Originally Posted by McAllen Tx View Post
    LBJ showed up with an in their prime Wade and Bosh and Dirk showed up Terry, Marion and 37 year old Kidd. Yep we have nothing more to discuss on the matter.

    So what about the sig bet? You said NO "IS" the NBA's worst team without AD. Want to put a sig bet on it? If NO has the NBA's worst record when Zion comes back you win the bet, if they don't I win.
    Nah bro, because whether they are the worst or the 4th worst my point about how bad they are and how much Better AD makes them still stands (a point that is obviously alluding you) stop trying to make side bets and focus.

    Yes Prime Wade/Bron/Bosh all showed up, and Jason terry outplayed Bron and Bosh, Wade outplayed dirk. Next.

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    I already warned you guys that threads need to stay on topic. This thread was for the Bulls v Lakers discussion, now Iím closing it. Take your discussion to the appropriate thread. If you want to talk Lebron, their is a thread. If you want to talk general NBA their is thread for it. Keep it on topic!

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