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The offence still clearly needs more Oline help, and Im now convinced that Allen needs a true #1 WR. Brown dropped a couple big passes that a #1 would have caught.
Brown has great chemistry with Allen and hes the best option on the field, but he is being miscast as a #1. If you shore up the OL and add a serious receiving threat then I think Beasley and browns numbers can stay pretty similar and add in an extra 1000+ yards for that #1.

I think they can be super aggressive in FA OL again after they cut bait with the guys who havent been good enough, and I think you target WR with your first pick.

Singletary looks like the type of back that can handle everydown carries and he doesnt get hit hard because hes so shifty so he will have some big seasons for us. He isnt even getting very good OL blocking right now. I would still target another RB around the 3rd/4th.

Right now my offseason looks like this.
FA - OL.
1st round draft WR
2nd round DL
3rd/4th round LB/RB.
If the Bills had Hopkins, Devante Adams, or any true #1 Wr on the market, Allen still has to complete the pass to him down the field.

Yes Brown dropped one he should have had after Allen scrambled out of pressure. But lets not forget some of the designed plays, where the WR was open in the end zone, but Allen hit the back of the defender instead of throwing it over him and into the arms of our WR. I am at the games, WR's are open. Yesterday he threw a screen to Singletarry for ten yards, which is good, but Beasley was wide open for the TD. Whether Brown Beasley or whoever is #1 #2 #3, the passes by Allen this year cannot be counted on.