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    Daks contract thread (take the franchise tag then leave)

    I dont think Dak is factually worth being the top paid QB in the league but thats how the system is set up. Nobody but Brady is taking discounts if they are better, equal to or worse than Dak (Goff and Wince). Yet again these guys dont have their spouse being the bread winner of the relationship.

    Daks being treated like **** for showing up, doing his job, not *****ing and being told to take less for everyone else. They gave the guy who is factually making more money on the field already,even more money because he held out. But you wont pay the guy that had your back over the anthem controversy, didnt ***** when you depleated his WR core last year, and has not threatened once to sit out this year, being his contract year while making peanuts on your watch/bill.

    If I'm Dak. I'm staying professional, showing up for work, having my teammates and franchises back for the next two years then leaving and ******** on the whole thing when the money comes from someone else. If no deal is done by the end of the year. Theres a simple number here and Dallas refuses to get to it, while you have rewarded two players contracts because they threw a fit and held out. One guy hasnt been seen this year and the other one isnt a position you invest money in.

    You cant sign everyone now because you gave a pass rusher top money (as you should given the position though Im not on that train) who so far has been a bust the first 7 games of his new deal, and a RB already being paid who has off field issues even more money and now youre broke or will be? Tough ****, thats a you issue not a Dak issue.

    Then lastly you still havent paid the man who hasnt been a cancer or a me first guy in anyway and dangle a 1st and a 4th for Adams who you are going to have to pay top money too while again not taking care of your in house guys first?

    The irony of all of this is that Jerry is the one that led the way for a salary cap yet hes only won with no cap and it being the wild wild west where he can buy anyone. Hes still trying to buy all the "stars" while having no idea how to use the cap space for the system he wanted.

    I'm to the point where I'm certain this team is never going to win again with the Jones' running this thing. I want to be wrong but I no longer can keep this delusional faith.

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    Theyíre both posturing right now. Dak is playing because heís a professional and he knows heís going to get paid one way or another. Also both his team and the Jonesí are expecting a big jump in the cap after the new CBA is done because they will factoring in the gambling money. I think if Dak really would take $30-$32 mil a season then Jerry would sign him today. Thatís going to be considered cheap once the new cap kicks in. At least thatís what Jerry and Stephen are likely thinking.

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    As Dak screams up the charts of QB performance it is getting harder and harder to act like he is not worth it. Once we check our old man football perspective at the door and admit a top 1/3 of league passer (Dak!!) is more effective than a top 1/3 of league RB (Zeke) we must admit that Dak is due his top contract. He is next man up from a QB pay perspective. What choice do you have? Start over?

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