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    AEW 11/6: Shifting Gears

    With Full Gear Saturday night, this is the chance for all to make that last turn into the home stretch.

    Cody Rhodes has promised a career altering announcement, what will it be?

    Before he defends the title against Cody Rhodes, Jericho will tag with Sammy Guevara to face Elite members Adam Page and Kenny Omega. Will the inner circle get the upper hand?

    Page's opponent Pac will also be in action tonight against Trent Beretta.
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    What the hell was that botched finish to Pac/Trent? Did Trent forget to kick out at two and the ref just stopped counting holding up two fingers hoping nobody would notice? Itís too bad though because that was a very entertaining match otherwise.

    I liked the opening match and the main event. The rest was completely uninteresting once again. AEWís Ďwomenís divisioní is a joke and it wasted like 20/25 minutes of their tv time. Itís so weird they put a guy like Darby Allen in a title match one week and then not feature him again for the next three(?).

    We all knew the show would end with outside interference and the mandatory all out brawl. It was a complete cluster**** but it was still cool to see.

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    Quote Originally Posted by metswon69 View Post
    Cody cut the best promo i've seen in quite a while.
    Cody Rhodes is WWE biggest dropped ball in the modern wrestling era.

    He is as much the total package as you can get these days Imo. All the in-ring skills, mic skills needed, the looks & charisma and the family name to market too. It would have been so easy to build him into one of the next generation superstars.

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    Yeah my hatís off to Cody for that promo. Very, very well done.

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