btw it should be noted that we don't need more driving space. we only have 2 guys right now who can't shoot 3's and both of them play at the same time. Rudy creates as much space by being a great pick and roll center as ibaka does by shooting 40% from 3. Also and obviously yes the Jazz would be way worse if you replaced Gobert with Ibaka. even on Rudy's worst days he is still the only guy the jazz have right now who plays anything resembling above average defense. I do agree about the supermax though. he just isn't a supermax guy. that honestly should only go to guys who can win mvp's. the biggest issue is the one you said though that there are just so many centers right now who can shoot 3's that its killing goberts value to be 20ft from the rim. However Rudy is the only reason we have been a top ten defense for most of the year.