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    Drew Brees expected to start this Sunday vs Cardinals

    As the title indicates, Brees is expected to start this Sunday against the Cardinals, will tell Payton if he's ready and Payton "will believe him"

    METAIRIE, La. -- New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton said he might wait until Sunday to name his starting quarterback. But Drew Brees hopes to make the decision easy for him.

    When asked if he is playing Sunday against the Arizona Cardinals, Brees said, "That's the plan. We'll see."

    Brees said he felt good throwing the football when he returned to practice on a limited basis Wednesday -- just five weeks after having thumb surgery on his throwing hand. He said the decision will come down to "just making sure I can be me."

    And when asked if it strictly will be his decision, Brees said, "I'll tell Sean if I'm ready, and he'll believe me."

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    But but but Teddy is 5-0, this is Teddy's team now. That's how it works now.

    BuT mUh 60% cOmPlEtion

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    Quote Originally Posted by manbearchef View Post
    But but but Teddy is 5-0, this is Teddy's team now. That's how it works now.
    only if you have a QB who cant throw-newton-

    sorry themsthebreaks

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