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    Yeah. Both teams try to do similar things (ex. D -> transition) and we have players that like to play the same way (ex. Dragic always pressuring) . We're just better. I don't think the Raptors were ready for the Heat's physicality and conditioning and let them come back into the game. The Lakers didn't play this hard.

    Bam has a scary future. He is like a hybrid of Pascal and Gasol. I remember Masai wanting to trade up for him. Can you imagine Pascal + Bam?
    Love Bam. His passing and motor is what stands out to me. I did not think he was going to turn into the player he is now. He seemed like an energy big who can defend, rebound and get in transition but he's turned out to be pretty good scorer. I guess sort of like Siakam. That combo would have been scary.

    I like the Heat overall. Butler seemed passive for some reason but the Raptors did a good job funneling him towards Marc or Ibaka whenever he tried to attack.

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    ďItís about winning,Ē Stoudemire said. ďYou win, youíre going to get on national TV. Simple. In Phoenix, we won ó Western Conference finals three, four years, playoffs every year. We won. If you donít win, nobody really wants to see you.Ē

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