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    Quote Originally Posted by ecart View Post
    From the past couple games it looks like Lowry has been shooting himself into rhythm and trying to take over. I think Fred was better at picking his spots and was more receptive to delegating shots to other players. I donít think Lowry was forcing as much to begin the season.
    Iíve sorta seen this all season from Lowry. If you look at his stats before he went out, he was scoring a lot more than last year and his assists have been down.

    I think we saw the same from Fred when he fist took over for Lowry, but as he got comfortable and people started chirping about his efficiency, he started to adjust and flourish.

    No question Lowry is trying to establish himself as more than a role player this year. Maybe trying to make sure he gets another fat contract after next season, or maybe nurse asked him to do this.

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